Managing Change

A successful business partnership starts with an understanding of your mission, vision, values, and overall business goals. From business retirement plans, to succession plans, to investment advisory services, we offer tailored solutions to fit your size and your structure.

Financial Planning

Planning for financial independence can seem complicated, but we’re here to simplify that process.

Investment & Portfolio Planning

Grow and diversify your business assets through a professionally managed portfolio.

Retirement Plans

Our financial advisors are here to help guide you to and through retirement.

Health Savings Accounts

Work with us to create a savings account dedicated to your health and medical expenses.

Your Trusted Financial Partner

For over 30 years, we have been building relationships. At our core, we believe a successful financial plan always begins with a relationship - one built on trust, honesty, and confidence.

  • 12 Full Time Advisors
  • 15 Dedicated Staff Members
  • No Minimum Balance To Open An Account
  • Over $1.2 Billion In Assets Under Management
  • Our Non-Commission Strategy Ensures Advice Is Always In Your Best Interest

Business Retirement Plans

We have the tools and expertise to assist you in designing, implementing, and administering the kind of retirement plan that is best suited for you or your company’s needs. We currently administer and advise over  90 business retirement plans and have experience with plans of all sizes, including plans with over 350 employees.

Investing & Portfolio Planning

Grow and diversify your business assets through a professionally managed portfolio.

Foundations and Endowments

Every endowment or foundation must start with a well-defined investment objective statement. Rather than asking, “Who offers the best investment products?”, you should instead ask yourself, “Which investment advisor adds the most value to my investment program?” We have an experienced team of advisors who have been an integral part of establishing and growing numerous foundations.

Succession Planning

Together with the selection and training of a successor, it is important to develop a financial strategy when transferring ownership of your business. Before making a final decision on methods of transferring your ownership, we will work with you as well as your tax and legal professionals to help craft a plan that is best suited to your unique business needs.

  • Buy / Sell Agreements
  • Exit Strategy Planning

Farm Management

The future of land ownership includes more than just asset preservation. We recognize the opportunities and challenges families and individuals face in today’s agricultural environment. We diligently work with you to understand the objectives you have for your farm or business in order to customize and implement a comprehensive property management plan to accomplish your specific goals.

Our Farm Management Services include:

  • Farm Asset Evaluation and Planning
  • Farm Operation Analysis
  • Leases & Rental Contract Implementation
  • Production Planning and Marketing
  • Government Farm Programs
  • Land and Crop Assessments
  • Capital Improvement Consultation
  • Farm Accounting and Recordkeeping
  • Year-End Farm Financial Analysis